Mission Coffee Logo Mug
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Drink Mission Coffee in a Mission Coffee Mug!
Debbie Debbie's Decafeinated Whole Bean
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Grown in the rich volcanic soil on the side of Vocan Baru, this coffee some of the world's best. It is grown using traditional organic techniques in the shade of orange and banana trees. the coffee is picked by hand, only when ripe, and it is dried on a porch to allow the moisture to slowly evaporate and leave the delicate flavors in the coffee. The caffeine is removed using a water process that removes the caffeine but not the flavor.

Once decaffeinated the coffee is roasted using state-of-the art computer controlled roasting equipment. This produces an extraordinary coffee with notes of chocolate and a natural creaminess that distinguishes coffee from this region.

The coffee is flown by air from Panama to the United States where it is precision ground, packaged, and labeled for maximum freshness.
Cafe Bajareque (Geisha Arabica) Single Serve Pod (5 pack)
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Cafe Bajareque rare Geisha Varietal Arabica Coffee packaged in single-serve pods. One of the world's rarest coffees and the only place to get it for single serve! Compatible with all Keurig style brewers. (5 pack)

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