is a closely held company that imports and resells coffee grown on the Boquete medical mission in Northwest Panama. The company is committed to assisting the indigenous peoples who tend the coffee and to breaking the anthropological cycle of agricultural enslavement. Mission Coffee, LLC buys coffee from the farm at retail prices then resells the coffee in the United States. The proceeds, less costs, are returned to the Mission in materials, medicine, and money.

Contact: PO Box 68465 Indianapolis, Indiana 46268 (317)513-4341

Peter Beering is the founder and Principal of Mission Coffee, LLC.

The Mission serves the medical, dental, educational, sustenance, and religious needs of the Guaymi, an indigenous people in northern Panama and southern Costa Rica, numbering approximately 125,000. The Mission has a full-time staff of 20 including farm workers, mechanics, and drivers. Housing is provided to many of the full-time workers. The medical clinic is able to see as many as 50 patients a day and can be transported to remote sites where as many as 250 patients have been seen. The dental clinic has two chairs, an x-ray machine, a small lab and an Opthalmic Surgery Suite where over 600 indigenous patients have had cataract surgery. The Mission also operates a food pantry.The Mission provides transportation to the Guaymi and also builds housing and churches using re-purposed shipping containers. The Mission also supports education of the Guaymi providing transportation, school uniforms, lunch money and tutoring to children who otherwise would do without.