Our coffee is grown in the mountains of northern Panama, where the days are a mix of filtered sun and rain. The tropical forests shade the coffee and the rich volcanic soil allows the coffee to thrive.

Hard-bean Arabica Typica is the varietal grown, and it is the only coffee picked exclusively when ripe. Picked by hand and dried on a porch, this eco-friendly method imparts a lush creaminess to the coffee.

The coffee is then gently roasted - using computer controlled roasting equipment. The Latin roast presents to the front of the palate to showcase the delicate notes of caramel and chocolate.

Named for the founding missionary, this premium coffee has notes of caramel and chocolate with a very pleasing natural creaminess. Sought world-wide, it is considered among the world's best coffees. Available whole-bean, precision ground, and single-serve pod (Keurig compatible).

Prepared as the regular coffee then decafeinated using the "water process" which removes the caffeine not the flavor. Available whole bean, precision ground, and single-serve pods (Keurig compatible).

One of the world's rarest and most expensive coffees, Arabica Geisha, selling for $200 per pound, this coffee was grown on Volcancito, the highest point in Panama at almost 6000 feet above sea level. Effusively aromatic, with a crystal clarity, profound sweetness, and rapturous assortment of flavor notes that dance on the tongue as they soar from sweet lemon-citrus to delicate apricot and from green grape to soft jasmine and orange blossom. Simultaneously intense, graceful, delicate, profound, sweet and deliciously bright, with a creamy floral finish.

Available whole-bean, precision ground and single-serve pod (Keurig compatible).